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Video Editing Guide – learn basics

What is it?

Video editing is a part of video production. It is by far the most important part of post-production, letting you seamlessly merge different portions of the video, affect the sound and color of objects within it et cetera.
Video editing allows you to take care of what footage you show to the end consumer of your video. You can take off unwanted footage, change the angle, this allows you to dictate the vibe which your video gives off when it is finally finished and in the hands of your audience. Video editing is even used in the UN and even news shows.

What do you need for it?

Now that you know what precisely it is, you’ll need a few things to start editing your first videos successfully. Firstly, you’re going to need to decide on what programs you’ll use for your editing work. Luckily, there’s quite a trove of videos on this subject on YouTube. The first important thing is that video editing software ranges broadly from Operative System to Operative System, so you usually won’t be able to use the same programs on MAC and PC.
Now you need to consider your budget, when it comes to free software for video editing, our top picks would be iMovie for MAC and Windows Movie Maker for PC. These do the job of video editing, however, they don’t offer some of the extensive functions other programs do. Adobe Premiere Elements is an excellent and cheap video editing program, however, if you’re a large company, you might want something with a bit more ‘punch’ to it, and be willing to shell out a bit more money. In that case, we’d go for Adobe Premiere Pro CC on MAC or PC.
It’s also quite important to have a good computer, especially RAM and Processor power because video editing can be quite taxing on those.

What are some important things for beginners?

Now that you’ve decided you want to start video editing, what are some important things you need to know? Firstly, there are things to remember before making your video.
Be certain that you get your footage sorted in the editor. Keeping everything in separate folders and finding the best takes before you start editing is an excellent practice to get used to. This means you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for much easier.

When you get how to use effects properly, don’t use them too much sometimes fewer effects will have more impact on your audience.

If you’re using any kind of music as a background, try going for an instrumental track, lyrics are often distracting from the video subject(obviously unless you’re editing a music video or similar.)

Video editing steps

Now that you’re editing how do you actually do it?

1. Create the project and open your footage.
Regardless of the program you’ve chosen, this should be simple, upper left ‘file’ or similar, and open it up.

2. Organize the footage
This is more or less the same as setting your workspace table, you sort out folders with specific parts of the video.

3. Pick the footage you’ll use
Now your program should have a way to ‘mark’ footage, so you should mark the parts of the video you’ll take.

4. Take out and place the footage
This is where you take apart the footage you’ve marked, and place the cuts next to each other, trying to create a seamless experience.

5. Add transitions
Transitions are a kind of effect which helps blend your cuts together, be sure to use these sparingly, as they can sometimes be jarring, but they can help with the video quality immensely.
After this, you’ll be on your way to using more complex, in-depth effects, but that is good enough for a starting point!

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