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Parents Involvement for better academic results of Children

The initial years

The initial few years of a child’s life are spent at home. It is during this time that the child observes and inherits the value system from his/her parents.

Once the child joins a school, even then he/she spends more time at home than at school. It is often said that “The way you do something, is the way you do everything!” Once the kids start attending a school they carry the same behavioral traits and attitude that they have picked up from their parents.


At school, one teacher is burdened with the responsibility of the entire class and obviously cannot focus individually on all kids. That makes it all the more important for parents to take a keen interest in the academic activities of their kids.

The challenge today faced by many parents who work is the struggle in being able to maintain a work-life balance. The desire to achieve more in their career leaves parents with no time for anything else.


Unlike the previous generation who had a good social life, technology has taken a toll on today’s generation. kids have come to be dependent on electronic gadgets like mobile handset, TV, ipads and gaming consoles.

They hardly go out to play and social engagement is next to nil. This has led to an increase in addiction and behavioral issues among kids and severely affected their attention span and cognitive learning capabilities. The outcome is low academic scores.


Parents need to take a keen interest and invest time to build the future of the child.
a) Reading out Stories: To begin with, during the initial years parents should readout stories and other interesting texts to their children to build an interest in reading. Parents should also themselves keep up with the habit of reading as they need to lead by example. Monkey see monkey do! Just like a law teacher shares a sample law essay with his/her students to give a feel of the legal style, parents too should buy kids a lot of books to read.

Parents should collect interesting books for kids to read and explore!

b) Home assignments: During the early schooling years if home assignments involving parental guidance are given then the children are known to show more interest in subsequent assignments. Regular review of homework assignments by parents helps in the right engagement.

c) Communication: Increased communication between parents and teachers is the key to the correct assessment of the performance and the needs of the child. A parenting style involving two-way communication with the child can help in setting academic expectations correctly and understand the child’s thought process. Parents should join the parent groups and be in regular touch with other parents.

d) Study area: It has also been observed that providing a separate study area helps improve the academic performance. To avoid bad posture resulting in health issues, it is advisable to have an ergonomically designed study table and chair.

Not the right ambience and posture for studying!

Check the below video to hear what Dr. Elin Katsarou, an expert educationist has to say about the subject:

Studies have proven that involvement of parents not only improves attendance at school but also improve academic results. Educational experts strongly recommend parents to get involved in the process from the early years. Below video summarizes the discussion:

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